Sponsorship Opportunities

Title Sponsor For an additional Rs. 15 lakh, the highest sponsor can get their brand name directly associated with the show. The show will be called (sponsor name) HyCan'17.
Sponsored Ring The Ring will be the center of all the action at Hycan'17. Each ring has 20 boards. Each board is sold for Rs. 15,000. When sponsored by a single sponsor the ring will be named 'sponsor' ring. One side will carry the club and show name. No other brand will be displayed in the sponsor ring.
Show Guide Cover Presented to every exhibitor and sold to the visitors, the show guide is a volume of information for all concerned. Lower 3/4th of the cover is oered to the sponsor. A high visibility advertisement for dog related companies.
Fun-filled Pet Activities Pet Fashion Show, Fancy Dress, Pet Obedience Trails, Best Veteran, Best Rescue Dog, Best Groomed Dog, Most appealing Eyes, etc.. competitions will be conducted.
Breed Prizes About 120 trophies for ‘Best of Breed’ and ‘Reserve Best of Breed’ for all the breeds. The top dogs take this prize and display them with pride.
HyCan Memento All the dogs present at the show are given a memento. Personalised calendars or mugs or coasters that they will retain with SPONSOR name and logo prominently displayed.
Welcome Arch At the entrances of the show. Top half for the club. Lower half and vertical panels for the sponsor.
Sponsored Kennels & Benches Most of the dogs at HyCan’17 will be accommodated in customized benches made for dog and owner to rest the whole day. Excellent opportunity for companies dealing with Canine Products to display in each kennel.
Entry Pass Dog show entry tickets are to be retained by the visitors as there is a lucky draw and no out pass system. Tickets and donor passes are sold in advance through various outlets, prominent space for sponsor.
HyCan’17 Carry Bags A durable paper or cloth bag that will be handed over to every participant. Bags are usually retained by exhibitors as a souvenir. One side for the club, and one for the sponsor.
Show Guide Ad Presented to every exhibitor and sold to the visitors, the show guide is a volume of information for all concerned. One fullpage ad in the show guide.
Tyvek Wrist Bands All visitors, exhibitors and participants at the show are marked by tying a wrist band, that has to be worn the whole day. The band will have the sponsors’ logo as well as the Club logo.
Exhibitor Ring Card A laminated well designed card with neck strap which will be on the participant throughout the show. Lower 1/4th space for sponsor.
Obedience Prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for each class in obedience trials. A keenly contested competition with leading dog trainers of the country participating.
Registration Counter All exhibitors and visitors need to go to the registration counter for registration or for passes. Sponsors brand will be prominently displayed at the counter.
Onsite Branding Options are available for onsite branding which includes hoardings, central medians, buntings, standees, LED screens etc..
Customised sponsorship options are also available

Reserve your stall for PETEX INDIA 2017

Shell Scheme: Min. 9 Sq.M.
Raw Scheme: Min. 18 Sq.M.
₹ 6,000 per Sq.M.
₹ 5,000 per Sq.M.

(Taxes applicable)

Shell Scheme Package (Min. 9 Sq.M. Stall)

One Information Desk | Two Chairs | Three Spotlights | One Power Point of 15A:

500 watts power max | Fascia with Company Name Carpet | One Wastepaper Basket