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Petex India

India’s premier pet show is back with its 2nd Edition to delight pet lovers, pet owners and enthusiasts! HITEX and The Hyderabad Canine Club jointly host this event that brings together all pets, pet owners, pet care products, pet food, services & accessories and pet entertainment at one place.

  • EXPO


The Expo provides an opportunity to show pet lovers and enthusiasts what your brand is all about. Visitors are keen to explore the wide range of latest innovative products and services. PETEX experience can be invaluable to your business as one of the best marketing investments.

  • 200+ Exhibitors – Pet Food, Accessories, Medicare, Breeders and Training
  • 500+ Dogs of 60+ Breed & 50+ Cats of various breed
  • 50,000+ expected visitors
  • Live display of Exotic Birds and Fish & Aquaria
  • True bred Horses and Rabbits
  • Dogs’ sports demonstration of Agility, Flyball and Schutzhund
  • Championships and Obedience trials with International Judges

Hycan '17

HyCan is an internationally acclaimed annual dog show organised by The Hyderabad Canine Club. This show has been a trend setter since 1995 for dogs shows in India. Every year, HyCan amuses dog lovers from across India and overseas with fun-filled contests and creative activities. The competitions have international standard rules & regulations and are adjudged by international judges and experts.

HyCan’17 will have more than 500+ dogs of 60+ breeds competing for the top honors. In addition, the show will have two days of demonstrations and competitions like Agility, Flyball, Schutzhund, Obedience and lots more..

From customized carpeted rings to prefabricated benches, from introduction of various dog sports to complete show automation, the HyCan shows have always been the first to introduce them in India.

HyCan’17 Features

  • Obedience Trials
  • Flyball Demonstrations
  • Agility Competition
  • Breed Championship shows

CFAI International Cat Show

CFAI International Cat Show is organized by Hyderabad Cat Fanciers in collaboration with Cat Fanciers Association of India. The show will have 100+ cats of various breeds from across India competing for different categories. Cats are adjudged based on their appearance, agility, breed, temperament and grooming. The grand prize ‘Best in Show’ will have cats of various breeds participating.

The show is backed with a vision to grow awareness about breeding of cats and educate cat lovers and owners about quality cat care.

CFAI International Cat Show Features

  • Purebred Competition
  • Grooming Demonstrations
  • Agility Competition
  • Best in Show


See your pets participate in fun-filled activities and enjoy every bit of it. We hear every dog has its day. Certainly, every dog participating in these lively competitions will present their talent and win hearts, besides many attractive prizes, pleasant environment set around the activities makes it a fiesta to watch.

  • Fashion Show & Fancy dress for Pets
  • Best Veteran - Any breed 7 years and over)
  • Best Rescue Dog - Any dog that has come from an animal shelter
  • Best Crossbreed
  • Most Handsome Dog & Prettiest Bitch
  • Most Appealing Eyes
  • Best Brace - 2 dogs alike & Best Irish Brace - 2 dogs of different types
  • Best Groomed Dog
  • Best 6 legs - Dog and Owner & Best Junior Handler
  • Pet's Got Talent
  • Other Fun-filled Pet Activities


Regular check-ups are essential to the health and well-being of your pet. Just like with human health, prevention is the key to treating a large number of conditions that can affect pets. Meet experienced Veterinarians and pet-health experts for a comprehensive check-up of your pet. One to one sessions with the experts and their specific advices will help you give your pet a healthy life – physically and emotionally.

  • Dental, Nail, Hair & Ear Checkup
  • Antibiotics, Vaccinations & Allergy Testing
  • Tail length, Grooming Check, etc.
  • Best Breeding Practices


Casual meet-up for pets lets your pet make new friends. It is essential for pets to frequently meet and hang out with new pets. Dogs are incredibly attentive, sensitive and love to communicate. Socialising your dog will ensure that you have a happy, less mischievous and well adjusted dog that interacts well with people and other animals.

  • Pet Adoption Drive
  • Pet Meetups
  • Pet Registration
  • Kennel Club of India Stall

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